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Our Activities

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BUDA chairman is standing in a well managed land with cared grasses and trees. He advice all BUDA members to mobilise the community on land management and environmental conservation


BUDA Involves in  educational development, Environmental conservation, humanitarian services and many others, on local community level.



It is along GHANA Street in Bukoba Municipal in Kagera-Tanzania


-          It is in the center of Bukoba Town

-          Water and electricity are available.

-          Medical and other facilities are nearby.

Our Staff




Environment must be protected and cared by every citizen for the benefit of all citizens.
BUDA believes that we can change the situation from the worse situation to better environment for living and for agriculture.


The land like you see above must be conserved.

Our Programs

B.U.D.A, hope to set up more future productive projects as here under:


(a)    Pre-primary  schools ,primary schools, post primary schools (i.e. secondary and tertially institutions). 

(b)   Women projects –These will be conducted inform of seminars .We wish to educate women especially at local community level, who are carrying the burden of ignorance on both economic and social issues. This will increase women awareness on various issues like economic cultural, legal and human right and hence employment.

(c)    Primary Health Care (PHC). We shall also put much emphasis on primary health care (PHC). This will minimize on rampant diseases and other bottle necks on development in the community. Hence the standard of living and life expectancy will increase.

(d)   Orphans and Disabled :-

 The organization shall/ hope to start institutions which will help to educate and accommodate people with physical or mental disabilities, and those who lose their parents who need optimum consolation. This shall promote and raise awareness among themselves towards their legal and human rights. We want to minimize door-door-begging system, which is a risk to their lives.

(e) Street children and sex workers: -

      These businesses are done not because they like them but it is due to ignorance which has resulted into many problems .The youths from villages and towns have joined it because no way out.So it is one of the polices of BUDA to teach these youths short courses in major  fields which will assist them to earn some income ,and  be aware of their legal and  human rights, hence minimizing or eradicating the problem of the children abuse and poverty.

(f)     Environmental Conservation :-

We shall participate both physically and mentally in protecting our environment. We shall use the available labour force to plant trees, collect discarded polythene papers and other degrading environment agents. We shall advise the public the proper method of farming through demonstrations, works shops / seminars which are both mobile and fixed at the center.

(g)   Console and seek assistance for epidemic victims and other disasters.

Foristance Aids victims, orphans, widows and widowers, hunger, flood and so forth. Who don’t have any assistance in all aspects. We shall also teach them preventive measure and vocational courses. This will promote their standard of living and hence increasing their life span.

(h)   Social infrastructure :-

We shall try to sensitize the public to have self-reliance project s, before the central government intervenes. Examples are, educational institutions, dispensaries, social halls, carpentry workshops, Engineering and mechanical workshops and many others.

Our Location

Bukoba Municipal Town is near by Lake Victoria
P.o.Box 910

Bright Universal Development Association